About Us

Bronco Technology is a comprehensive provider of technical consulting, analysis, research and development, technical support, and technical service focused on global supply chain sustainability and enterprise ESG (environmental, social, governance).

Bronco Technology has not only been certified ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System by the international authority but also has been officially approved as the professional SLCP and Higg FEM verifier body(VB). Bronco Technology services include SLCP, SEA, FEM, IEEM, GRS, RCS, OCS, GOTS, ZDHC, Carbon Reduction, Energy Audit, EcoVadis, CDP, BEPI, SA8000, BSCI, Sedex, ISO, RBA, etc. It also includes but is not limited to the planning and execution of enterprise management consulting, training projects such as cost-saving and efficiency improvement, process sorting, lean production, capacity building, compliance management, and beyond compliance.

Bronco Technology aims to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency for the enterprises. Bronco Technology sets "digital drives sustainable development" as its mission, in line with its values of "respect, integrity, diligence, truth, exploration, innovation, co-create, win-win", excising its slogan of “Professionally Create Value for Your Sustainability”, to achieve the vision of "to be the technology pioneer of Corporate Sustainability”, keeps conquering the difficulties and go on.

Bronco Technology provides enterprises with professional and dedicated quality inspection, testing, certification, translation, conference, exhibition, sourcing and other services. Bronco Technology builds up a Bronco School of Management, which relies on Bronco’s cutting-edge technology and professional mentors then provides all-round targeted management training, capacity building, business consulting and other services.

Bronco Technology is dedicated to the research, development and design of materials recycling technology, and promotes the commercialization of recycled products. At present, we have obtained close cooperation with many domestic enterprises of recycled products. We have achieved 100% recycling and reuse of travel backpacks, computer bags, handbags, work clothes, stationery, gifts and other product series, and meet the global recyclable standard (GRS).

Bronco’s technical experts, trainers, and customer service staff are all over the world, and are currently located in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.