Bronco Technology won the Environmental Protection and Low Carbon Guardian award: from recycling to regeneration, helping enterprises move forward with low carbon!

June 18th, 2021

 On June 18, 2021, Bronco Technology was invited to participate in the "Innovation Happens, Low-Carbon Action" event organized by Tian An. In Dongguan, the work of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" has been included in the municipal government's work report and included as one of the important tasks in 2021. Dongguan clearly puts forward “to drive the green and low-carbon development of industries with carbon peaks and carbon neutrality, formulate and implement carbon peaks action plans, actively introduce green investment, and vigorously develop low-carbon industries.” In Dongguan Tian An, low carbon has been Action. Since its establishment in 2010, Dongguan Tian An has insisted on putting low-carbon thinking into various links such as construction and operation, production, education and research, and has formulated a rigorous carbon neutral strategy and action plan. The strong atmosphere of the park’s low-carbon culture has attracted companies, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees participate in low-carbon activities together.  In this event, Bronco Technology won the Environmental Protection and Low Carbon Guardian award, and made a speech on behalf of the award-winning representative. During the event, Dr. Huang introduced to everyone how to turn waste into treasure and process waste plastics into T-shirts. The power of innovation practices low-carbon environmental protection and achieves sustainable development. Bronco Technology has always used its own practical actions to inspire more people to join the ranks of green, environmental protection and low carbon.