Transforming experience and knowledge into skills,let you easily become a Social Compliance Junior Auditor !

July 14-16, 2021

From July 14th to 16th, 2021, Bronco School of Management was once again invited to conduct three consecutive days of special social compliance junior auditor training courses for the famous Nordic helmet brand MIPS. In the classroom, the teachers used their own experience and knowledge to teach the students the basic concepts and audit elements of social compliance audit in an all-round way, and combined actual cases and exercises to consolidate the students' knowledge. The atmosphere of the class was warm. The three-day special training allowed the trainees to learn the key elements of social compliance audits in depth. The auditing skills of the trainees have been improved, and they will be able to conduct more professional audits in future social compliance audits, discover factory risks more efficiently and comprehensively, manage brand supply chain risks and protect brand reputation.