The Trend: Sharp Tools Management Training and Sharp Tools Audit

Oct. 07-08, 2021

From October 7th to 8th, 2021, Bronco School of Management launched a two-day Metal Sharp Tools Management Training for the shoes Factories in Huidong, and conduct an Metal Sharp Tools Audit for the factories. Throughout the training, Bronco School elaborated it from "Why need to do metal sharp tools managementl”, and then starts from "metal sharp tools classification", "metal sharp tools management and needle detection management" and "management program documents and related records". At the end, by going through the real cases, the trainer of Bronco School of Management organize the students to discuss, simulate the practice, and advise what they have learned into practice. Though the management and control of the metal sharp tools is very detailed and specialized, and not many customers request it separated at present. However, it is very helpful and important from the perspective of compliance, employee protection and cost reduction. Owed to more and more brands and clients caring employee’s protection in the detail way, specialized and subdivided training might need at the right moment. Bronco Technology is specializing on the technology research and development and have rich practical experience in the fields of metal sharp tools management and control, electrical safety, fire safety and so on. It can be forecasted that Metal Sharp Tools Management is the trend in near future! Learn it earlier, benefit from it earlier!