BSOM helps Leju improve the level of compliance of its human resources management!

Jan 08, 2022

On January 8, 2022, BSOM was invited to provide the customized training for Leju regarding the topic of the compliance about human resource management. Leju is a leading company over 10 years in the property management. The training is conducted in the form of small classes, by a lecturer with many years of human resources background in large enterprises who is appointed as the speaker. The training is carried out at the parts of HR's role positioning, excellent HRM quality and ability, how to become a first-class HRM, etc. The difficulties and problems of HR are analyzed. After the positioning of HR is clarified, a large number of practical cases of HR compliance management are shared and explained to the trainees from the perspective of practical operation. In the end, the training lecturer shared a lot of skills and operational methods with the trainees based on the current situation of human resources of Leju. After a full day of training, trainees feedbacked that the whole training was full of knowledge and is super practical with great guidance for enterprises.