Bronco School of Management was once again invited by SynTao Academy to deliver the training regarding Responsible Supply Chain (CSR) for "Youth Talent Program"

May 21, 2022

On May 21, 2022,based on the positive feedback of the previous CSR course which presided over by BSOM for the Southern China class on "Youth Talent Program“ in the past terms, SynTao Academy once again invited BSOM to lecture the course of how to apply CSR in the supply chain for their seventh term of the program. The audience come from different industries and diversified, such as social organization, NGO, NPO, garment industry, electronics industry, International Buyer, scholar, etc. Dr. Henky from BSOM being the lecturer designed the course in four chapters: "The Concept and Nature of Supply Chain", "CSR Elements in Supply Chain”, "Relevant International Guidelines and Norms" and "The Application Nature of CSR in Supply Chain". Last but not least, Dr. Henky combined the current international and local cases to connect all the elements related and make them explicit. The trainees attained the keys and absorbed risk mindset of CSR in the supply chain under the lively classroom, theoretical explanation and various practical cases sharing. Through the intelligent explanation and analysis by Dr. Henky, the class was actively reacted and all the trainees were with endless enthusiasm from the beginning to the end. After class, it was reflected by the excited trainees that they not only had an impressive and deepen understanding about the relationship between the supply chain and CSR, but also mastered the essence of this course: to see the essence through the phenomenon and explore the underlying logic.