Bronco Technology was invited to speak in the Master's and Doctoral Talent Roundtable Forum of the "Industrial Digitalization Alliance"

June 22, 2022

On June 22 2022, Dongguan Tian An Cyber Park, together with Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and Dongguan University of Technology, launched Establishment ceremony of the “Industrial Digitalization Alliance”. It expounded from multiple sectors such as technology, environmental, new materials, energy saving, etc. Bronco Technology, local universities professors, and excellent enterprises experts, were selected and invited to speak in the Master's and Doctoral Talent Roundtable Forum. In the forum, Dr. Henky of Bronco Technology gave a speech on how Sustainable Development of enterprises to meet the trend of "Digital Development, Gathering Talents", combined with the business units of Bronco Technology. Dr. Huang as well as further shared his insights on the development in the field of compliance and sustainability in future. Corporate compliance and sustainable development are the current trend and key development themes of global enterprises. Guided by China's dual-carbon policy, environmental protection, energy conservation, carbon reduction and low carbon products will be the strategic layout that Chinese enterprises must do in the near future. Many foreign brands have already made request for their global supply chain to excise such as Higg FEM, GRS, CDP, EcoVadis etc to meet this trend and satisfy their customers. As a professional consulting organization, Bronco Technology has extensive expertise in the sustainable development of enterprises and environmental, which has a team with rich experience and international vision, who are in-depth working on ESG for many years. They are standby to provide professional services for the enterprises at any time as long as they need. Nowadays, Bronco Technology is on the new train of "Industrial Digitalization" timely and fortunately. And from the first beginning, Bronco Technology is destined to be one of the trendsetters in this new era.