Bronco Technology carries out Energy Audit Training to help Enterprises exercise "Double Carbon" and ESG

July 19 to 20, 2022

From July 19 to 20, 2022, Bronco Technology planned and organized a special training on Energy Auditing for Stella International Group, a leading footwear enterprise in Taiwan. The course was delivered by an AEE accredited instructor, a Certified Energy Manager, an Energy Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) accredited instructor, a Certified Energy Efficiency evaluator, and the Chairman of the China Committee, introduced the basic knowledge and process of energy auditing in a comprehensive way to the trainees. Starting from the basic knowledge of energy, the lecturer interpreted and taught the basic knowledge, index data, tools and instruments, methodology and practical application of energy audit in an all-round way. Lecturer and trainees collided in the brainstorming, within the warm learning atmosphere. Under the considerate preparation of Bronco Technology, the course was completed efficiently with high quality and was unanimously recognized by the trainees and customer. The professional training of Bronco Technology in energy audit imparts solid theoretical knowledge for enterprises to implement energy audit of their next step. As an essential part of building up the Energy Management System (such as ISO50001:2018), energy audit provides reliable data and the possibility of analyzing and improving the energy performance of enterprises. Energy saving and efficiency improvement are not only a big trend and hot topics under the "Double Carbon" of enterprises, but also are the effective means for enterprises to practice ESG. The interaction after the course and the positive feedback from the trainees are the footnotes to the success of this training.