Bronco Technology was awarded the CSR “Mentorship” in Syntao Academy

September 4, 2022

On September 04, 2022, Mr. Henky of Bronco Technology, as one of the four invited paper reviewers, participated in the National Graduation and Award Ceremony of the CSR Excellence Program (Phase 7) held by the Syntao Academy. As a mentor of the academy, Henky has been mentoring and training the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of supply chain to students. Henky's excellent and professional courses were recognized by students and academy leaders alike. During the past several months of students' CSR paper writing and several rounds of review, Mr. Henky actively participated in the guidance of the whole project process. His conscientious and meticulous working style won students' praise warmly and deeply. Henky, on behalf of Bronco Technology, finally stood out from dozens of mentors nationwide as one of the eight mentors to receive the "Mentorship" Award Mr. Henky, as the representative of Bronco Technology, adheres to the value concept of "respect, integrity, diligence, truth, exploration, innovation, co-creation and win-win", Bronco Technology does not forget the original intention, and forge ahead, will provide more high-quality and professional customized training courses for the industry of sustainability and CSR, with their own practical actions to provide more excellent and professional services for everyone.