Bronco Technology was invited by SweDeltaco AB to deliver the training for its supply chain Corporate Social Responsibility auditors

October 10, 2022

On October 10, 2022, Bronco Technology was invited by SweDeltaco AB, the Swedish electronics giant brand, to design and organize a special training on CSR auditors for its China sourcing office. This customized professional training consists of theoretical knowledge and on-site practice. The Bronco Technology trainers scientifically drew up a training plan based on the actual situation of Deltaco. Dr.Henky played the role of the key trainer at this training session. And the training applied the module of the small class. Trainers started the training from the basic theory, combined with the electronic industry background, sharing practical cases, so that students have a strong sense of substitution. Trainers kicked off the training from the basic knowledge of CSR, such as its notions, elements and then extended it to the audit logic, audit process, law and regulations, audit skills as well as the auditor quality. The training was well recognized by the trainees and the head office of Deltaco. During the course, everyone not only listened carefully, but also actively asked questions and participated in discussions under the guidance of the trainiers, and the atmosphere was warm and turbulent. At the same time, the trainees caught the essence of this course under the unique explanation of the lecturer, and everyone felt that they benefited a lot and looked forward to the next course. At the end of the course, all participants passed the professional examination and obtained the certificate of Corporate Social Responsibility Junior Auditor.