Responsible Supply Chain:Bronco Technology Delivered Training to the Mead Johnson Dutch team

January 31, 2023

On January 31, 2023, right after the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, Bronco was invited to deliver a specialized training themed on "Responsible Supply Chain" for Mead Johnson, a global well-known infant nutrition brand. This virtual training was delivered by Dr. Henky, Senior Lecturer of Bronco. Taking case as the pointcuts to elaborate the basis and trend of responsibility supply chain, and through case analysis and discussion, the training made the Mead Johnson teammates who participated have an impressive comprehension in responsible supply chain. Besides the origin and framework of responsible supply chain and relevant laws and regulations, trend of the responsible supply chain was also predicted by Dr. Henky from a strategically and farsighted perspective. In order to inspire all the trainees to participate in discussion and comprehend the responsibility supply chain from different perspectives, Dr. Henky had shared several typical cases occurred in the responsible supply chain, such as cases of series jumping off in Foxconn, noxious Apple and collapse of Rana Square in Bangladesh during the training.With Dr. Henky’s excellent lecture and trainees’ active participation, the training had achieved a remarkable result beyond expectation.