Chemical Management Training for Nike’s Supply Chain Had Been Rounded off

February 14, 2023

Chemical was the most complicated and difficult module in Higg FEM. To help its suppliers solve the relevant problems in chemical management as well as better digest the key and difficult points in FEM chemical module, Nike held this training by its LC Chemical Management team and invited Dr. Henky to be the trainer on February 14, 2023. Starting from the status quo and research of chemical management, the training was focused on interpretation for CMS building and the five FAQs raised during the pre-survey, such as chemical list, secondary containers, procedure documents and common negligence, etc. At the same time, professional suggestions were shared by Dr. Henky from the perspectives of his own experience. Trainees did not dare to slack off for a moment and extremely concentrated throughout the training as the knowledge points were intensive. All trainees feedbacked that they benefited a lot from this training. The high spot of this training was the comparison and connection between the requirements of Higg FEM and those of Nike CLS, which made the trainees have a profound comprehension for both the requirements of HIGG FEM and the brand. Useful templates of best practices were shared to the attendees by Dr. Henky after the training, as a gift for the Valentine’s Day..