Higg FEM (Facility Environment Module) Customized Training Had Been Rounded Off

March 13-15, 2023

On March 13-15, 2023, Bronco Technology organized a batch of customized Higg FEM training in Dongguan for three days,which aimed at the Chinese core suppliers of a well-known outdoor brand in Australia.Higg FEM (Facility Environment Module) is a tool that standardizes the criteria for measuring and tracking a factory's environmental data on annual base,thus assessing the sustainability performance of the factory by a number of brands.As it is highly professional knowledge requested in each module,thus it may be a big challenge for factories to complete the self-assessment if they are approaching it for the first time.In response to the expectations of the brand,the purpose of this training was to address all the questions and doubts of the brand’s suppliers in completing the FEM self-assessment,and to share professional advice and share best practices. The content of this training includes but not limited to the FEM background and process,such as the interpretation and knowledge extension of each FEM module,the main concerns of verification,self-assessment and some typical case studies of FEM.As a Lecturer of the course,the FEM process,framework, module guideline,plant information,EMS module,energy module,waste module,water module,wastewater module, air emission module and the most complicated chemical module were interpreted and broken down in details by Dr. Henky of Bronco Technologies.For three consecutive days,the useful knowledge from the approach how to register an account to the best practice in each module were shared deeply,such as FEM notes,basic FEM logic, account registration, self-assessment release,and the selection of verification bodies,the grades and ratings of each module in viewing and confirming,so that both the brand and their suppliers felt that the theoretical and practical nature of the course were integrated.Until the end of this course,the content was taught in intelligible,the knowledge was progressive,and the practices and skills were closely linked.With the common effort of a thoughtful lecturer and the hard study of participants,this course benefits them a lot.It was the full interaction and lively discussions between the lecturer and the participants that impelled the course objectives to achieve:the attendants grasped the FEM relevant professional knowledge effectively,as well as acquired the practical skills of FEM self-assessment quickly.