On-going: A Review of the Junior CSR Auditor Training

April 24-28, 2023

April 24-28, 2023, Bronco team performs its consistent professionalism and efficiently carried out a 5-day offline junior corporate social responsibility auditor training, responding quickly to the request of a multinational branded manufacturing group. The target of the training is the group's social responsibility practice and implementation of the core staff. The training was delivered by experienced trainers Dr.Henky and Mrs Cathy.This training is composed of six modules, namely the basic concept and theoretical framework of CSR, audit elements, basic requirements of auditors, audit process, audit report writing, non-conformance writing and corrective action plan making. The training focused on the audit elements, including the key modules such as introduction to management systems and subcontractors, business ethics, association, the environment, child Labour and discrimination, working hours and wages, forced Labour, EHS, etc. A lot of practical operation sharing, case studies, as well as specific group discussion, brainstorming and role playing are inserted in each session. Preview before class, explanation in class, homework and course summary and examination, kinds of these training approaches empowered the trainees to consolidate and absorb the contents. The trainees followed the trainers closely to understand the concept and scope of corporate social responsibility in a simple, comprehensively way to master the elements and process of social responsibility audit. The sharing of practical operation methods and skills has laid a solid foundation for the students' executive review and report writing. The practical content of the course and the professional explanation in class not only let the students fully grasp the knowledge points, but also it leads the trainees clearly know the basic quality and ability requirements as being the auditor. The whole training was an output of the pure knowledge and practical experience, which fully achieved the training objective and exceeded the customer expectation. The training was witnessed and highly recognized by the customer management at the end.