Bronco Technology conducted a training of “HSE Related Laws & Regulations Updates” for Nike’s Suppliers in China

May 10, 2023

On 10th May, 2023, Bronco Technology was invited again by Nike, a world-renowned sports brand, to provide a customized training on updates of HSE Laws & Regulations. This training was elaborated by Dr. Henky, Senior Trainer in Bronco Technology. He explained the HSE related laws and regulations which would take effected and be updated during 2020-2023 and had significant relationship to the factories in a simple way, helping them sort out the knowledge context of laws and regulations and realize the updating and iteration of knowledge.HSE Laws & Regulations are an important reference index and play a pivotal role in factory audits and compliance issues, which cannot be ignored. Complicated, numerous, highly rigorous and professional, it can be seen that the topic of this training was different from the previous training programs. As Bronco Technology has been highly trusted and supported by Nike, the sponsor of this training, they still invited Dr. Henky, who has excelled in law, to Shanghai as the lecturer for this training with open arms. He interpreted the renewed provisions of HSE Laws & Regulations in detail for their suppliers so as to better standardize factory management and keep up with the times. This training was focused on HSE related Laws & Regulations mainly on health, safety, environment and national standards, and each module contained a series of specific provisions. Starting from the issuing authority, issue date, implementation date, and current effect of each law and regulation, Dr. Henky demonstrated the updated status of regulations for the trainees with the method of comparing the old and new provisions in order to help them distinguish the similarities and differences. Though it was too complicated to understand the content, it was illustrated logically from abstract to concrete with some practical cases by Dr. Henky, who has excelled in law, as well as livened up the monotonous course. At the end of this training, the stereotype that knowledge of laws and regulations was unengaging has been broken down, moreover, large numbers of trainees were longing for learning other topics, especially the chemical and environmental safety modules. In the half-day training, Dr. Henky clarified the HSE laws and regulations for the brand and suppliers, and gained the high recognition and appreciation of the brand and suppliers, and once again achieved a win-win situation with the sponsor NIKE. Not only did Dr. Henky address the issue of laws and regulations for the attendees, but also save them time and effort to sort out updated knowledge and improve work efficiency. Meanwhile, the tacit interaction between the trainer and the participants contributed to the successful conclusion of this training.