Bronco Technology Becomes the Designated Service Provider for a Leading Brand's Chemical Management Project

October 2023

In October 2023, Bronco Technology was officially designated by a leading international sports brand as the consulting service provider for its chemical management project (aka PPAP) in China and Vietnam. Bronco Technology provides a consulting service to its suppliers in these two countries for their chemical management project, which will span 6 months.PPAP is a voluntary, collaborative chemical management program designed to improve supplier performance in chemical management and promote continuous improvement. The span of this project is intended to be six months.

Factories from different industries participate in the project, such as leather manufacturers, textile manufacturers, printing and dyeing plants, footwear manufacturers, etc.

As a service provider focusing on global supply chain sustainability and enterprise ESG, Bronco Technology excels in chemical management, water management, carbon reduction, and environmental management systems. Bronco Technology is honored to be this project's designated consulting service provider in China and Vietnam. This designation is a recognition from the client for Bronco’s ability in chemical management.

Through channels such as questionnaire survey, data collection, data analysis, problem diagnosis, and pain point pinpointing, the project fundamentally helps the factories to solve the "chronic diseases" of chemical management, to help the factories establish and improve their chemical management systems and further improve their chemical management levels. This strengthens and improves the factories’ chemical compliance management and promotes their sustainable chemical management. The application of various methodologies of the PPAP chemical management project, such as the system thinking of priority selection design, risk thinking embedding, process method guidance, input control, and the framework of PDCA, have carried out a comprehensive examination for the chemical management of the factories and solved the target-oriented problems.By implementing this Chemical Management Project, the participants will gain chemical management abilities that exceed the benchmarks.