Based on the risk-based thinking and process approach, we provide enterprises with the following assessment services:

Social compliance audit

including Bronco technology's own audit framework, mock audit and pre-audit based on various codes of conduct and industry guidelines, such as:

1. Audit of Bronco’s social compliance Framework
2. BSCI, Sedex, SA8000, ICS, ICTI, RBA, WRAP
3. SC@BT(Social Compliance), CS@BT(Chemical Safety), ES@BT(Electricity Safety), FS@BT (Fire Safety)
4. Code of conduct for all brands COC

Specific risk assessment

Bronco technology builds on specialized technology to develop a comprehensive and risk-based assessment framework and provide assessment services, such as:

1. Chemical safety assessment
2. Electrical safety assessment
3. Fire safety assessment
4. Assessment of modern slavery
5. Energy efficiency assessments
6. Environmental assessment

Risk assessment of management system

Based on Bronco technology's own audit framework, the company evaluates the special management system of the enterprise by means of investigation, observation, interview, reference and verification, such as:

1. Social responsibility management system
2. Chemical management system
3. Health and safety management system
4. Environmental management system
5. Quality management system
6. Test management system