The Social and Labour Covergency Project is aming to integrate assessment, collaboration and improve working conditions to create an integrated assessment framework to support stakeholders in improving working conditions in the global clothing and footwear supply chain. Bronco Technology is the SLCP Approved VB, which is eligible to provides verification services to the factories.


The Higg Index is a benchmarking, basic tool for the garment industry that enables companies to assess the type of raw materials, products, manufacturing plants and process processes within the context of their environment and product design choices. The Higg Index measures environmental sustainability through production practices and qualitative issues, and it promotes the implementation of improvement measures. It is, to a large extent, an ecI apparel Environmental design tool that helps organizations standardize how they measure and evaluate the environmental performance of apparel products at all levels, including brands, products and factories, throughout the supply chain. Bronco Technology is an approved Verifier Body (VB) of Higg FEM. Bronco Technology has rich experience and professional knowledge in self-assessment and verification of Higg FEM. Bronco Technology can provide consulting and guidance for self-assessment activities of enterprises, and it also provide professional verification services for Higg FEM.