Bronco School of Management (BSOM) offers the following three types of professional training to address business problems and personal growth needs of enterprises and students.

Customized corporate training

1. The Compliance of Wage and Working hours
2. Prevention of Modern Slavery
3. Business Ethics
4. Supply Chain Risk Management
5. ESG Evaluation System and Evaluation Indicators
6. Alliance for Water Stewardship
8. Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)
9. CAP Developing
10. Occupational Health and Safety
11. Building Integrity and Fire Safety
12. Lean Production
13. Leadership
14. Departmental Communication & Cooperation
15. Others

Customized mentoring

This is mainly based on personal interests, in the "master with apprentice" mode, one-to-one training. Training is provided on certain skills that an apprentice needs to master, in the form of a combination of theory and practice. The apprentices will choose suitable teachers according to their actual situation. They will first conduct theoretical training for a certain period of time, and then arrange practical operation training. During the training, the master gives point-to-point instruction and does not graduate until he or she has mastered the skills and is able to practice them. BSOM can make them to the order and provide personalized training programs. For example, nowadays, it includes:

1. GRS/RCS/OCS/GOTS and other product certification audit skills
2. Social responsibility audit skills (BSCI/Sedex/SA8000...)
3. Verification skills (SLCP/Higg FEM/RBA...)
4. Inspection skills
5. Report writing skills
6. Business English

Open classes

To meet the customers’ needs, Bronco schedules public trainings on different topics frequently.

1. SLCP/Higg FEM Verification Skills Upgrading
2. GRS/GOTS/OCS/RCS/RWS Interpretation and Practice
3. SMETA/BSCI/RBA/SA8000 Auditing Skills
4. Biological Diversity
5. SBTi
6. Chemical Management System(CMS)
7. Energy Management
8. Fire safety
9. Selection and Use of PPE
10. Solid waste management
11. Execution of the Employee
12. Team Building and Management
13. Build Up Confidence
14. Time management
15. Stress Management
16. Solutions for Problem
17. Efficient to Work