In today's information age, enterprises can make full use of data resources for data analysis and make strategic adjustment and marketing deployment through data analysis.

The expertise of Bronco Technology in the sustainable development of enterprises, management information system and compliance of data mining, with the aid of digital technology, the sustainable development, energy efficiency, environmental protection, corporate compliance program module, from special relational information search in a large amount of data, and according to the information in combination with the goals of the enterprise, provide the feasibility of the solution and the advice on improvement.

Especially in the following dimensions based on the data analysis, Bronco Technology has a professional perspective and accurate direction:

1、Value relationship
Through the relation in each data, mining the relation of adequacy and necessity among each data, and finding the logical relation and value chain in the data.
2、Trend judgment
Based on the data information, from a higher position, from a longer perspective, from a longer time period (year, quarter, month, week), and from the overall perspective, data presentation and trend judgment.
3、Cause analysis
Data is the reflection of a process. By looking at the data, we can find out more reasons and the truth behind the phenomenon, break down the process and analyze it, explore the reasons, and then find solutions.
4、Similarities and Differences
In the different data pair, find the common things to carry on the objective analysis, find out their common law characteristics. Or in a particular place, the analysis of individual subjective factors, from their own solutions.